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Sir Darnley's "R"



Orla's puppies are 4 weeks of age now. They have moved into their own room next to our living room.
The first milk.
The weights are quite balanced around 1000gr.


Tour into the garden.

Unfortunately the weather is bad these days. So only short visites in the garden are possible.

Orla shows her puppies every corner.


It is raining cats and dogs the whole day so everybody has to stay inside. The blanket covers the slippery wodden flor in the living room.


Anyway inbetween it stays dry for a while.

First the puppies romped through the garden. Later they have a rest in their run.


Q visites the puppies for the first time. Really exiting!


At the age of nearly 6 weeks the little girls weight is app.1300gr, the two others have app. 1500gr.


Now Q also is allowed to play with the puppies. He is totally thrilled. But also the trio is happy about their big new fellow. .

Finally - sun is coming back ...

... and suddenly a lot of work is waiting in the garden. But my brave assitants are getting tired quickly.

Nellie enjoy the sun.
Just a quick snack inbetween.


Again bad weather! But anyhow they play with mom Orla and cousin Q:

Whenever possible the puppies play in the garden. Afterwards they always are dead tired!
Godmother Nicole Meissner and Horst Reifert come to visite us.
All together playing in the garden.

The little girl falls asleep on Nicole's arm. Later she moves to Horst. Even later inside the house she does not move while brother and sister rest on the big pillow.

Later I control the weights. The boy already is a bit above 2000gr, the girls are a bit beneath.
The puppies now have a half covered run in the garden. So they can also stay outside when I cannot control them. But of course they prefer to play together with all dogs through the whole garden.
Grandma Kylie watches me working on the pictures at the computer.

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