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Sir Darnley's "R"


Now often the puppies have visitors. Today my parents come along.

After we had some coffee the puppies played through the whole garden.

Q, the big cousin has a break.


The boy stole a little stick from his sister.

I am not tired! No I am not tired! :-)


Hard-working helpers to water the flowers.


Suddenly summer is back with more than 30C. We have invited for a barbeque. The puppies also enjoy the party in their new big run under the cherry tree.

Also the puppies "godmothers" Nicole Meissner and Petra Detemple (above) celetrate this evening with us, of course with lots of playing with the whole Scottie family.

Rainer's and my parents watch from the terrace.

It is a wonderful summer night. Nicole, Petra and I think that sunrise still is very early. :-)

The weather stays hot. Even as there always is some shadow under the cherry tree, in the afternoon the trio has to stay in the cool house for some hours.

A plastic basket is changed into the puppies small but safe pool.


The first cut and the first upright ears.

A small picture story:
The small girl ("Reggae" she will be called)  somehow entered the sofa :-) and immediately she saw the pizza carton. This smells good, it has to be something in there!!

She really managed to open the cover and to steel a small piece!



Meanwhile there are 4 upright ears.
Finally we also have found the names by which they are called:
Left is the boy "Rookie", in the middle "Ruby" and right the little "Reggae".

The complete names will be announced shortly. We are very pleased that all three will stay not far away from us.

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