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Sir Darnley's "R"



Now our R-Wurf already is 10 weeks of age. It is time to introduce their full names:

The male is "Sir Darnley's Ragtime Rookie".

Later he will live with Hannelore Wilhelm-Krischke near Cologne. She has Scotties since more than 30 years. Her two Scotties are already waiting for Rookie: Molly (Arabella's Olivia) and Cracker (J. Ch. Rose's Crackerjack).

The smaller female is "Sir Darnley's Rhythm Reggae".

Reggae does not have to travel far also. She will move to Nicole Meissner and Horst Reifert in Kerpen-Horrem. They also already got a small Scottie family: Laura (Sir Darnley's Limelight Laura) and Daphne (of Salt and Pepper).

The other female in the litter is "Sir Darnley's Rambling Ruby".

Ruby will just stay with us.


The puppies have a lovely new toy:


They like to take it everywhere.


Rookie, Ruby and Reggae

Reggae cuddeling with her mom Orla.

After the show in Ahlen Hannelore Wilhelm-Krischke visites her little Rookie.



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