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Sir Darnley's "R"



The brother and sisters playing in the garden with their older cousin Sir Darnley's Qubic Q.


The little Reggae on the table.

Rookie and Ruby accompany  Qubic Q for hist first breeding examination in Dortmund. A good chance to learn a lot. Driving by car is no problem. The people and the dogs around are very exiting for the puppies. But in the afternoon they have a nap in their run.

Reggae has already left. Together with her owners she spent her first holiday in the Netherlands.

Today also Rookie (foto right)  moves to his new family in Hürth.


The first great trip for Ruby: We spend a 2 weeks holiday in Denmark. Of course the dogs are with us.

Ruby and the whole Scottie family are really enthusiastic.

Ruby's Cousin Jora is visiting us.

left: Ruby, 4 months, right: Jora, 5 months.

Jora is by Multi Ch. Sir Darnley's Magical Mascot. She is bred in Denmark. Her owners are Kirsten and Grete Toftkjær.

Of course the two girls playing wild with Qubic Q.

Ruby at the age of 4 months.

Just a few days later we go home again.


Reggae is comming for trimming. But first of all she has to play with Ruby and Qubic Q.

Reggae after trimming.



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